Demonstration aqua cente “Aquae Calidae”

Demonstration aqua cente “Aquae Calidae” was created by project “The minerals waters of Aquae Calidae” as a part of bigger project to municipality of Burgas – “The power of the water”. It`s been won by operational programme "Regions in Growth" 2014-2020“.

The aqua center was opened on 10.10.2022 and functions as part of TK “Aquae Calidae”, located on Vetren quarter, city of Burgas.

Located just 20 m. from the source, the aqua center is the closest mineral water facility in the area. The building in which it was built combines modern construction with  interesting exposed archaeological structures.

The mineral water here, known to people for thousands of years, has proven healing properties. Today we are happy to offer her use for treatment or relaxation in our aqua center. Built to demonstrate the structure of Roman baths, it does not deprive visitors of all the comforts of modern life. In the individual zones and spaces, guests of the aqua center can also know the latin names and functions of each room in the Roman baths.

The mineral water of field Mineral terms of Burgas is slightly mineralized, with a total mineralization of 642 mg/l. The water reaction is alkaline with a pH of 9.73. The water is thermal, with a temperature at the source of 41 C. When it`s used for external balneotherapy and balneoprophylaxis (after tempering the water to 33-36 C) water has a beneficial effect on degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, orthopedic and metabolic diseases. It has a wonderful effect on the musculoskeletal system, muscular system and skin. It is recommended to use it also for sports and recreational purposes after appropriate tempering.

Contraindications for balneotherapy are specific diseases, infectious diseases, diseases in an active stage and decompensated function of organs and systems, oncological diseases, HIBS - rhythm disorders, thyrotoxicosis, epilepsy.

Before entering the warm hall, it is recommended to gradually temper the body in the lobby and at the showers. Before entering the pool, the body must be clean, removing any cosmetic or medical products for washing and lubrication. The optimal stay in the aqua center is a maximum of 2 hours.

Central pool with mineral water

Size: 9,60 / 3,80 m. Depth 1,35 m. Temperature 36 С

The stay in the mineral water should not exceed 20 minutes. The body should be at rest, avoiding swimming and any other intense movements.

Children's swimming pool

Size: 3,60 /1.40 m. Depth 0,40 m. Temperature 36 С

The stay in the mineral water should not exceed 20 minutes. Games and jumping in the pool are not allowed.


Temperature 90оС.

The maximum stay in the sauna is 15 min. The high temperature leads to the dilation of blood vessels and intensive blood supply to the skin, as well as the release of harmful toxins from the body. After using the sauna should be taken a short break, taking a large amount of water. The use of a sauna should be approached carefully, following all instructions.

Steam bath

Temperature 46оС

The maximum stay in the steam bath is 20 minutes. The high temperature and humidity of the air have healing properties not only for the skin, but also for the respiratory tract. After using the steam bath, it is necessary to dry carefully, cool the body, take a short rest and drink plenty of water.

Cold pool

Size: 2,70 / 1,80 m. Depth 0,80 m.

After thermotherapy, shock cooling of the body can be performed to activate blood circulation and regulate body temperature and blood pressure. Тhe health effect improves metabolism by burning calories quickly. Cooling in the cold pool is recommended after using the sauna or steam bath. Entering the cold pool should be done gradually, not abruptly, so as not to cause heart rhythm disturbances.