History of Aquae Calidae - mapping

3D mapping screening

The tourist complex Aquae Calidae allows visitors to get to know the history of this ancient place in an interesting and attractive way. In the interactive museum exposition located in the restored Ottoman Bath, every tourist can become part of a fascinating tale.

The millennials that have left a mark in Aquae Calidae are presented as a 3D mapping projection throughout the entire building's backyard space. The story is narrated using typical images and appropriate music, specially created by a team of artists, animators, composers and 3D effects experts.

Due to the specific acoustics of the bathroom-museum building, each visitor receives an individual device for listening to the projection. By its help, it is given the possibility to choose a language in which to reproduce the sound of the film. Currently, eight languages are available - Bulgarian, English, German, French, Russian, Czech, Polish and Turkish. This creates extraordinary convenience when foreign visitors are coming and is one of the advantages in attracting organized tour operator groups of tourists.

Thanks to its rich history, preserved ancient structures and the interactive presentation of the past in this place, the Tourist Complex “Aquae Calidae” attracts more and more visitors, not only from Bulgaria, but also from different countries around the world.